Client Overview

Pravin Auto & Industrial Agency LLP is a reputed and reliable name in the fasteners’ market. The company is renowned for its premium brand affiliations, superior product quality and thoroughly professional product deliveries


The biggest challenge for businesses like Pravin Auto and Industrial Agency which operate in the B2B space is the wide array of products and very limited in-house capabilities to structure relevant content for the website


At Fast Monk, we recommended a very simple approach to the client to demonstrate only the key products and categories on the website. This greatly reduced the time to gather and process products related information.

The lack of enough content was solved by using services of professional content writers who performed an in-depth analysis of client business and provided a professional content for use on the website

Pravin Auto & Industrial Agency website was designed and developed in less than 5 business days. This was a pleasant surprise for Mr. Kinjal Doshi (Managing Partner, Pravin Auto & Industrial Agency LLP) since he believed website development was a never ending and mainly painful process. Mr. Kinjal is happy to have chosen the team at Fast Monk for his website development project and thanks our team for a highly professional website and service